{{ amount }}

Standing by convoys

{{ proceed }}

ready to harvest

To start your fruit picking adventure, you will need to team up a convoy.

Create a new one

approve contract

{{ no_contract_convoy.length }} with starving animals.
Convoy without active contract cannot enter any orchards.
To pick fruits and prevent your animals dying, go contract with convoy

{{ picking.length }} in fruit picking adventure.
The status of hardly working convoys would show on Orchards page.

{{ next_picking.length }} resting after the last harvest mission.

Orchard Level{{ i.level }}

Earn $FRUIT{{ towNumber(i.balance) }}



Convoy you have

Capacity value

{{ i.capacity }}


{{ }}%


{{ towNumber(i.rewards) }}

Contract for

{{ }}D {{ i.hour }}Hr 0D 0Hr
Send convoy to a friend

List convoy on marketplace

Collect rewards